Avery Drinks

Will wonders never cease! I know you all thought you’d never see the day but in the past few months I’ve been broadening my horizons by sampling more bawdy beverages. (That’s something people call alcohol, right?) I’ve never minded trying a sip or two, but it always seemed like a waste because I literally want only a sip or two, and therefore a lot went untouched. But recently I’ve decided that it’s okay not to finish your drink, just like it’s okay not to finish everything on your plate, so I’ve ventured out of my more familiar drinking waters. Here are some liquors, from the past and present, that have my finicky seal of approval:

Happy New Year!



I know this post is a little belated but I hope you’ll all accept my warm New Year’s well wishes for you regardless. 2014 was a big year for me and I’m so excited for 2015 because I think it will be one of the best I’ve ever had. This is my favorite selfie of the year we’ve left behind; most of my candid shots are on Instagram, but I worried this one was a little too candid for their Terms of Service.

Of course I had to put together a playlist to commemorate the occasion. And when I started looking at all my mixes of the year, I realized I did one for about every month. So here they are all, along with links to my profile page on each site. More blog posts, more pictures, and more music to come over the remaining 363 days of the year!

Favorite Albums of 2014

Since you know I seize every and any excuse to write or talk about—or for that matter, listen to—music, I decided to repeat last year’s approach to my 12 months of music-listening. That means the same rules apply: if I listened to it a lot in 2014, it appears here regardless of when it was released.

While I heard a lot of great songs this year, I wasn’t as enthused by any particular album as I’ve been in the past. Certainly nothing even came close, for me, to last year’s number one, Yeezus. Which just cements my determination to write some blog posts about rap in 2015.

Staring Down the End of the Year

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 2.03.20 PM

2014 has not been very generous to me in the Time For Blogging department, but it’s made up for that in other ways. In a nod to my own capacity to assume people who haven’t posted anything new recently are almost certainly dead—why else are they so quiet? I can’t think of a single good reason—I opened an instagram account with the intention of updating it as often as I can. I’ve also tried to be more active on twitter but so far it’s not my favorite platform.

This week I put together two playlists, one in honor of the increasingly crispy autumn days we’re seeing on the East Coast and another as a nod to my ludicrously large haul of bath products when I was recently overcome with what I like to call “that smells good” mania, and bought way too many soaps at Lush. I guess I’ll be putting my nose to the grindstone, as well as to the bath bubbles, and speed reading in the tub to meet my 100 book goal by December 31st. I can do it! Some of the other items on my list probably will not be accomplished before 2015, but 5/8 isn’t bad. (Want to guess which ones will have to wait?)

A Throne For the People



Fall is almost upon us and the tourist hordes have mostly passed, which means it’s the perfect time to venture out to some of DC’s best attractions. I too succumb to the ennui that plagues many city-dwellers, meaning that I don’t take advantage of the countless diversions the district has to offer unless someone comes to visit. But I resolved earlier this year to change that and with the weather cooling off to my favorite, crisp temperatures, I think it’s finally time.

The American Art Gallery is one of the more neglected museums because it’s collection is distinctly unglamorous. Whoopee,  a bunch of early Americans painted the fabric of rich ladies’ dresses relatively well—how can that compete with a dinosaur skeleton or a space shuttle or a da Vinci or a Vermeer? It can’t. But that’s one of the reasons the museum is appealing; it’s rarely as crowded as the others. The location is nicer too, or at least it’s usually more convenient for me given my most frequented neighborhoods. Because it’s free, you can pop in for ten minutes and then go on about your day. And sometimes I do pop in just to look at The Throne of the Third Heaven…, one of my favorite pieces (assemblages?) of art.